December 19, 2007

And the break begins....I think

So, I am done for two and a half weeks! YAHOO!

Some of my accomplishments this term include:

  • straight A's
  • a short script that got chosen for production
  • was pushed to the Max and proved to myself just how much I can do

The major downside was having to put my life on hold for the last 15 weeks. So, I was looking forward to spending time with friends and had two lunches, two dinners out and a party planned when we got SNOWED in!!!!! In fact it was like a record breaking snow fall - I mean my dog ran out into the backyard and completely disappeared under the snow and she is not a small dog by any means. So, I had to cancel and reschedule cause tomorrow Will and I fly home for 5 days with my family followed by 5 days with his. It's been a year since we've seen them. Part of us can't wait and part of us is crying silent tears, I mean why do they call it Christmas break if it is all business and chaos and..... umm where can we find the break part of it?

We then come home to seven days of bliss in our cozy X-mas decorated home -- did I tell you we decorated a tree on Saturday??? Then a New Years party plus me rescheduling the party, lunches and dinners I missed-- so maybe I shouldn't say bliss, at least not relaxing bliss, more like crazy but I love it bliss! Make sense?

Nice to have a break. Of course I still have to do work for next term, but I looove to complain about it cause I love the work period. God, it is nice to finally be able to say that I love what I am doing. Couldn't be more simple than that.

December 3, 2007

Freaky timing

So we just had a really, REALLY bad snow storm. It took me two hours to dig my car out of the driveway. **SIGH** My day was over before it even began.

Last year we had two major snowstorms. Will just happened to be away on business in San Fransisco for the first one and Minneapolis for the second one.

I attributed it to coincidence until...**drum roll**

Will is currently in Boston on business. He left yesterday. So, of course it snowed. It literally started one hour after his plane took off. No joke. Most of the airport closed after that. So I'm left saying WTF???

He called this morning cause he'd seen the reports on the news and was laughing.....

Does he have some sort of deal going with mother nature so that he can avoid the shoveling??? And if so, why pray tell is she on his side? Um, hello....what about me?

Next week he's in San Jose and I bet it will snow again. So, I'm thinking that since I've done all this shoveling, an extra awesome Christmas gift is in store for me this year. :)