November 14, 2008

Slowest fire drill in history?

So, we're in a new building at work and today they decided to put us through our first fire drill. Now, before you think I'm all whiny, let me explain that I have been through many fire drills in previous buildings. None of them were like this. And this is the first time I've complained about a drill. Here's why:

You know how people often consider just hanging back and not leaving the building if they know it's not a real fire? Well this alarm was so loud people were running for the exit. I mean running. It also got louder and louder as we walked down the emergency stairs. People were covering their ears and wincing. That's how loud it was.

And if that wasn't bad enough. Guess how long it took me to get outside? In my old building I was on the tenth floor and got out within three minutes. Now, I'm on the 6th floor, so it stands to reason that it would be faster, right? Wrong.

It took twenty minutes!!!

The traffic in the stairwell was slower than molasses and people were joking that if there had been a real fire, most people would have been crispies before they got out.

So, probably not the slowest in history but maybe the most ridiculous.