October 25, 2007

Obsession is a good thing!

I'm obsessed with the internet, even more so now that I'm back in school. So obsessed that I get on here within 5 minutes of getting up in the morning. No joke. I get up, pee, then sign onto my computer.

So this morning I told myself I had to break the cycle. I'm going to read the paper and eat breakfast and then go to school.

I got to school. School was cancelled. We had been sent an email and if I had actually checked my email like I always do every morning, I would have known this.

The moral here is that the internet is a necessity and the universe doesn't want me to give up even one minute of it. YIPPEE!

So not a barber

Will hates going to the barber. It isn't really anything against the barber and it isn't a money thing. It's more of a last minute thing, i.e. at midnight he suddenly realizes he needs his haircut for the next day but nothing is open...you know, typical guy procrastination. So, he recently bought a razor and gives himself a buzz cut every 6 weeks or so. One time, he was rushed for time and shaved most of it off quickly. I didn't realize he had made a botch of things till we were in the car and he turned his head and well....there were 2 large pieces of hair sticking out...wish I had a picture. I laughed the whole way into town. He then headed straight to the barber for a re-do. Too funny! And so much for it being a time saver!

He is now in California on business. The night before he left he decided to do his hair again and this time asked me to inspect. It didn't look good so he asked me to fix it. I got very nervous. See, I'm not good with scissors and I most certainly am not good at cutting in straight line. In high school, when Dad wouldn't give me money for a haircut, I attempted by own and lets just say, it was so bad that when I walked into my dad's study, he changed his mind and pulled a few bills out of his wallet for a haircut.

So, lets just say that I made Will's hair look worse...but not on purpose, I swear. He eventually fixed it and it looked perfect when he left for the airport the next morning. I told him I wasn't a barber, but he just wouldn't listen. I don't think he'll ask me again.

October 20, 2007

My first Shoot

Today I just shot about 75% of my first documentary. I interviewed my subject and that went even better than I could have expected. His answers were very honest and thought provoking. I then got some live action scenes which turned out well.

Now I just need to get a few specific shots on my own - theme related - that will add to the overall feel of the piece.

I have A LOT of editing ahead of me but am looking forward to it! Will has offered to compose some music for it which will make it even better.

Today was a GREAT day!

October 19, 2007

Video game competition

So Will has his Wii age down to 21. I just tried it again last night and my age has actually gone up.....to 77!!!!

In my defense:

Will has been practicing every god damn night while I've been busy writing so has a very unfair advantage.

I was just getting over this tsunami of a virus when I played and had been dragging my arse all day.

Somehow, these things don't make me feel better about my defeat. Maybe I should give up my running and replace it with Wii training. But see, the Wii, while fun doesn't keep me in shape, and more importantly doesn't give me the runners high, so, I think not.

October 10, 2007

The joys of being sick

So, I have spent the entire long weekend plus the last few days in bed. And no, unfortunately, I don't mean having fun under the covers with hubby. I mean, in bed, sick with a tsunami of a flu/cold.

It has been years since I've had this kind of bug but I'm not suprised. The last 8 years in the working world, I was surrounded by people who actually stayed home when sick. Now, I'm back in school with people who come in sick and you know how that goes, everyone sits in a row packed like sardines, someone coughs on you, another sneezes on you, people don't wash their hands...you get the picture.

The nice thing about this was Will **SIGH** he made me a wonderful immune boosting soup from scratch and fruit smoothies - even brought me a few bottle of fiji water every hour. He was the ideal personal slave. I realy should consider getting him some slave like attire....hmmm.

The bad part was the fever that made my skin crawl, for a moment there I thought I was in drug detox, then I remebered that I don't do drugs. **SIGH OF RELIEF**But I can't imagine why Lindsay and all those other party stars that recently visited rehab would take up a habit that would make their poor bodies have to go through something like that.

What I'm missing right now:

Eating any kind of food other than soup
Being able to talk ( I have lost my voice)
Knowing what day of the week it is
Leaving the house
Being able to sleep

What I'm loving right now:

Watching trash TV and lovin it!

Ok, I'm done:)

October 4, 2007

Down with the fly

So I gave a presentation today and through the whole presentation, there was this guy snickering at me. And it was really weird because my presentation was not funny, it was very very serious. He was rude! But then I started thinking, OMG, is my fly down? I just had this feeling about it. I really don't know why. But I couldn't check it, cause that would just be obvious. So I finished the presentation, took all the questions they threw at me and left and then the minute I left the room I checked.

Sure enough, my fly was down. Embarassed much? Yup, I was. And I only have two things to say:

1) He was rude!
2) Why didn't one of my so called friends let me know?

Oh and a third:

3) Was it really that funny? I mean I'm a girl so its not like there was anything hanging out there. Sheesh!

October 2, 2007

Prison Break - The Morning After

ok, I always have to do my Tuesday Prison Break rant:

What I liked:

Sucre came back! YAY! cause he's my fav.

T-bag did the right thing for once, although I'm not sure you get any points if you only do it to save your own hide.

Loved T-bag's whole conflicting loyalties speil...very cool!

What I didn't like:

Is it beleivable that the leader of the prison would trust T-bag over his own men? I doubt that kind of stupidity would have kept him in power this long.

Lincoln, I've said it before and I'll say it again - not too smart!

Life is Beautiful

While I doubt I'll be working behind a camera cause I am a far better writer than I am a techie...I am really liking this film course as I find it's helping me look at the world differently.

I notice things I didn't notice before and am always saying, oh, I should get that on video.

Last night Will and I went out and filmed the sunset. Very beautiful.