March 22, 2008

Snow Beauty

Here's my baby sitting in the snow today. Isn't she pretty?

March 9, 2008

Buried under snow

We had two more snow storms back to back. One Friday night, another last night. So much snow...I think the third largest snow fall in history...according to the newspaper. The scariest part was thunder and lightening...during a snow storm...never seen that before in my life and it was scary, felt like we were under attack when the sky lit up like that.

Today Will got up and shoveled for hours. There's 10 feet of snow piled up on the side of our driveway. If we get more snow there will be no place for it to go. The backyard has snow up to the fence. Our dog can literally walk right over the fence into the neighbor's back yard. YIKES. She's actually scared of the backyard now, just looks so foreign to her.

The fun part was that about 10 people didn't show up at the theatre rehearsal so I got to read two additional parts - what fun!

March 5, 2008

My big strong heroes

Yesterday was just one of those days. Let me explain.....

I worked at my internship in the morning and when I went walked back to my car, guess what I found under the wiper, mocking me? A parking ticket. So instead of working for free yesterday, it cost me $40. Sucky.

Then I get in my car, start it, put my foot on the accelerator and guess what? It won't budge, I'm stuck on ice. A big guy that looks like a body builder knocks on my window, so I roll it down. He says, "You've got two big, strong guys here, ready to PUSH you out." I was like, "cool," and within seconds I was back on the road on my way to class. I have to admit it was kind of funny...I've never heard someone refer to themselves as big and strong. But they saved me so I will not complain.

At the end of the day, I opened the fridge to grab something and knocked over a bottle of medication. It cracked open on the floor and leaked out. Replacement fee: $26.

So today actually cost me $66. It's really expensive not to work. As I said, just one of those days. Here's hoping today will be better. But since the snow plow just went by and plowed me in...I'll keep you posted.