November 20, 2009

A cute pix of doggie and pals

Here's a cute picture of my doggie with her two stuffed friends....

The best made plans

Well, I got off to a great start with **the plan** and then I came down with a horrible cold on Monday night and have been off of work all week. A.K.A. I didn't write for 3 whole days. Nothing like a good ole plan to say JINX. But I'm back at it again. I wrote a little over 1,000 words on the novel this afternoon and now I plan to spend an hour on one of the screenplays. I still feel that all and all I am on schedule.

I had a request for one of my short scripts and just sent it to the director. Will let you know what I hear back.

I cooked lamb for dinner tonight. Every time I cook lamb my dog cries and hides in the basement. We've never been able to figure out why. The dog food she eats everyday is lamb and rice flavored, so it can't be that she doesn't like lamb. She just doesn't like the smell of it cooking. Go figure.

November 15, 2009

My plan

It's been a busy few months. I finally finished the rewrites on my play based on the feedback I received at the play reading. I plan to send it out to some theatre companies in January. And my private practice spec made it to the top 10% of the Austin Teleplay Competition.

All in all good news, but I don't feel that I have been writing enough. It's mostly because I am too tired to be "creative," after a long work day, but I know that is no excuse. So I'm going to keep track of my progress on this blog. Hopefully it will act as a motivator.

I plan to complete the following 7 projects by the end of May 2009:

A novel for 9-12 year olds which will be approx. 40, 000 words
A comedy screenplay which will be approx. 110 pages
A teen comedy screenplay which will be approx. 100 pages
A picture book for kids and three short stories for kids/teens

I plan to write everyday, but will probably alternate projects to keep things interesting. If I work on a book or short story I will aim for a minimum of 1000 words a day/ 6 days a week. If I am working on a script I will write a minimum of 5 pages a day/ 6 days a week. If I am working on an outline I will write a page a day (my outlines are usually 10 pages each but I do a lot of research which is what will take up the bulk of the time) / 6 days a week. Rewrites will follow the same word/page minimums. I really hope I will write more each day, but I want my goal to be realistic.

I am not including other research/query letters/ ideas and synopsis I write up.

This plan may look easy but don't forget it usually takes multipme drafts to get a script where I want it, so I will be going through this process over and over again.

This starts today, so I am off to write. :)