November 27, 2007

evil tools of procrastination

My husband is going to Boston on business next week, then San Jose, so it's time for me to put my coat of jealousy on again. **SIGH**

To make matters worse, he is taking our Wii with him to play in his hotel room. Umm, doesn't he realize he will be denying me my main form of procrastination? Oh, he just said that he does and that he is doing it on purpose.


See, I have only 10 days of class left and a million projects due. He is being a very helpful husband.

Maybe I should ask him to take the Internet too and the TV's? Think of how much I'd get done.

Ya, right. Like I could ever go without Internet for 10 days. :) Evil tools of procrastination. Can't live with em, can't live without.

November 24, 2007

looking for a narrator and other stuff...

So last night I finished editing my documentary. I think I did a good job at telling the story and the shots aren't bad considering:

- it was the first time I have ever held a video camera in my life.
- my teacher doesn't know how to use my editing software so I had to teach myself -- and well anyone who knows me knows that I am so not a techie at all!

The part I hate is my narration. I sound way to much like a news reporter which really does not fit the tone of the piece at all. So now-- I am trying to recruit someone to narrate it so I can cut myself out of the damn thing. Surprisingly, I've had two takers so far. Turns out a lot of people love hearing themselves on tape and the chance to be a voice movie star. LOL.

I think it would be great if I let my dog do it -- in her howly voice -- we might not be able to make it out but it would add so much to the piece. :)

On other news, the director for my short should be contacting me this upcoming week. They start casting soon. Surprisingly I get to be involved in the process the whole way through -- I see lots of rewrites in my future but I prefer that to handing over my script and having no say in the final product.

November 19, 2007

I'm in production baby

Well I actually have some screenwriting related news and even better it relates to yours truly. One of my short scripts is being produced.

I had a shitty day, came home to an email letting me know my script had been chosen and have basically been bouncing off of my seat ever since!

More on it later as I am in desperate need of sleep.

November 17, 2007

The worse stink ever

OK, so after seeing the two plays I actually have a new appreciation for people who wear perfume. Why you ask??? Let's just say that I discovered something even stinkier than stinky perfume.

Picture this. Friday night, we are crammed into this little theatre downtown and the woman beside us is wearing very strong perfume. We silently bitch about it. Come on, you knew we would. The lights go down, the play is about to start when suddenly...

We are hit with the biggest stench we have ever smelled in our life. What was it, you ask???


There was this old guy sitting behind us and OMG! As soon as the fart smell started to die down I could smell the perfume again and was like oh thank god. Than he farted again and we had to hold our breathe. Every time I smelled the perfume again I was thanking god, really I was. This went on for the WHOLE joke. I wonder if he had beans for dinner?

OK, I know people fart and sometimes they smell but in close quarters like that...a smell like that just shouldn't be allowed.

I'm thinking next time, I will bring my own bottle of perfume and just sit there spritzing it in the air.

November 16, 2007


I'm feeling quite cultured right now. I'm going to a play tonight and another one tomorrow afternoon. I'll try to get some reviews up Sunday.

The only thing I hate about going to a play at the National Arts Center is that people always show up dosed in perfume and dressed like they are going to a fancy ball. It's a play for god sake -- people are watching the stage...they are not watching you. And they most certainly are not SMELLING you!!!

You can probably tell how much I hate scents. Will hates them even more. In fact, he's very allergic and we left a play once because the person beside us had taken a bath in their perfume.

Hollywood North

The strike has now reached Canada's hollywood north. And the rising Cdn dollar plays a factor too:

November 8, 2007

She'll have to stay an only dog

So, yesterday I was asked to review some of course given my love of animals I picked the humane society website. And, of course, I had take a quick look at the profiles of dogs for adoption. You can't go to the site without looking at the dogie pictures.

And guess what happened? I saw the perfect playmate for HuAnne. He has the same ears as she does and well I'm in love. So last night I tried to convince Will...he had to remind me of a few things:

Our dog HuAnne is a 40 lb Siberian Husky. Once, we looked after our friends dog for a few weeks. He was a male and bigger than Huanne. HuAnne did not like him at all and even though he was bigger by 15 lbs, god damn it, she was going to show her dominance. So she started eating like crazy and gained 6 lbs in only a few days. They fought constantly -- blood was shed. It wasn't pretty.

She's been an only dog for 8 years now and as much as I really really want another, I just don't think it would work out. **SIGH** But I do love my HuAnne.

November 4, 2007

Writers strike

So it looks like tomorrow Hollywood writers go on strike. The issue: not being able to get a piece of the internet. It's gonna be a long fight and why shouldn't it be? The internet is bringing in big revenues. Why shouldn't writers get a piece of the pie? They have long been considered the bottom of the food chain but there is no basis for it.

Consider this:

1. A good movie can be made from a good script.
2. A bad movie can be made from a good script.
3. A good movie can't be made from a bad script.

The moral: do I really have to spell it out?

So one of my teachers is telling us that this strike is our chance to sell some of our work? Umm, hello is this prof crazy?

1. If you sell something during a strike you'll be lucky if any union will ever let you belong.
2.You'll never be able to put any of the scripts you sold during the strike on your resume. If you do, no on will ever consider you again.
3. You will be blacklisted. Believe me. This has happened to many.
4. The only point would be to make some $$$. And ya we gotta feed the monkey but as writers isn't it all really about the art?

That's all I got for now.

November 2, 2007


I got my Wii age down to 35. Yahoo! And Wii sent me a message congratulating me.

So, from my excitement you can that the rest of my day was not to exciting.


November 1, 2007

Ding and Ditch

Is there such a phrase as ' Ding and Ditch'? Just wonderin cause I used it last night and Will looked at me like I have two heads and was like, ummm, sweetie, what does that mean?

It was of course Halloween night and our front steps are closed off because of work we are having done so Will and I stood out on the sidewalk in front of our house to hand out candy to the kids.

By 8pm trick or treating seemed over so we shut down for the night. I was watching 'Private Practice' and Will was working on his art when I heard the doorbell. So I went to the door and no one was there.

This happened 4 more times. Invisible Hooligans I tell you. But better than our house getting egged.

Anyway, 'Ding and Ditch.' Anyone else familiar with this term??? Or did I just make it up???

Hard lessons

I am sooooooo pissed off right now. Lets just say I'm gonna have to work on not being as nice a person or as open a person as I have been lately....Yup, I am gonna have to be far more picky about who I can trust...cause in this business, people suck up to you for the pure purpose of burning you.

I just learned the hard way.