November 14, 2008

Slowest fire drill in history?

So, we're in a new building at work and today they decided to put us through our first fire drill. Now, before you think I'm all whiny, let me explain that I have been through many fire drills in previous buildings. None of them were like this. And this is the first time I've complained about a drill. Here's why:

You know how people often consider just hanging back and not leaving the building if they know it's not a real fire? Well this alarm was so loud people were running for the exit. I mean running. It also got louder and louder as we walked down the emergency stairs. People were covering their ears and wincing. That's how loud it was.

And if that wasn't bad enough. Guess how long it took me to get outside? In my old building I was on the tenth floor and got out within three minutes. Now, I'm on the 6th floor, so it stands to reason that it would be faster, right? Wrong.

It took twenty minutes!!!

The traffic in the stairwell was slower than molasses and people were joking that if there had been a real fire, most people would have been crispies before they got out.

So, probably not the slowest in history but maybe the most ridiculous.

October 1, 2008

Boo Rah

Well, as you know, I was a semi-finalist in Page = Top 10. They announced the winner and second and third prize today and if I had been one of them, the title of this blog would have been woohoo or yay or something more creative and inspired, but all I could think of to describe my current state was ," Boo Rah."

I know I should be pleased I made it to the top 10, and as my husband says, that is an accomplishment in itself, but I can't help being bummed. As I sat at work today I fantasized about winning and what I'd do with the prize money...then came home and checked the hoo...anyway, this finalist thing may still help me sell the script.

And I was motivated to write. I just finished a one-pager for a kids show I'm gonna pitch to two children's networks. And I still have time to write a few scenes of my play before bed. Perseverance won the race, right?

The market recovered today... so there was some good news.

September 26, 2008

No longer a hermit

Well, I haven't updated in a while cause I've been tired and the reason is...

I am back at work. It hasn't been easy after being off for a year. And going back was a really hard decision. I told myself I wouldn't set foot in a cubicle again, but it was just too risky at this point. After all, outside of the world of fiction, we do need to pay the bills.

But I do feel grateful to have a good job. And they agreed to part time (3 days a week), so that I can have my Monday's and Friday's to work on my writing. Today I got up and went to a coffee shop and wrote all morning. Now I'm back home typing it all up...okay I'm procrastinating a wee bit with this blog, but only a wee bit.

The hardest things about being back at work are:

1. Getting up early. I think I forgot how to do that.
2. Functioning all day after getting up so early. I am a caffeine free person -- its just never agreed with me, but man it's hard to avoid coffee, tea and chocolate when you are trying to not fall asleep at your desk.
3. Office politics. No explanation required.

The upside:

1. Millions of screenplay ideas after only 3 days back. This far outweighs the 3 cons above.
2. No longer leading a hermit type existence. Is this a pro or a con? You decide.

I actually feel really positive. I've received great feedback on my writing and now plan to write like mad for a year. Next year I pound the pavement. :)

September 1, 2008

Mini-golf, ec-homes and pie

What I did this weekend....

My dad flew up for a visit. Yesterday, even though it was a beautiful sunny day we decided to go play indoor mini-golf. I'd never gone before. It's very very dark and it's much harder than regular mini-golf because you can't see the gradations of the green. Even a hill appears flat in the dark.

Dad and Will both played well. I on the other hand played a very bad game. I pretty much whined the whole time and stopped trying near the end. Watching the three of us together is hilarious because we are all so competitive.

In the afternoon went to look at an eco-home that is being built near us. It's completely solar powered. In fact, you generate more eclectric than you use and can sell it back to the city. Isn't that cool? It would be great not to have an energy bill and even greater for the environment.

The previous day we took dad to Perth and this time I didn't mix up the directions. oh yeah, and Will got another pie. Gotta have pie.

I'm a finalist!

The Page finalists were just announced and I made it!!!!


August 31, 2008

My blonde moment

So, I had gone to both Merickville and Perth with my mom when she was on vacation a few weeks ago. They are both about 100 miles from home and make perfect day trips. I memorized the directions.

I thought Will would love Merickville as the town is full of artists and paintings which he adores so we decided to take a trip there yesterday.

He drove. I navigated from memory --no map. Part way there we turned onto Perth street as per my perfect memory and I said,"Isn't it weird that Perth street goes to Merickville and not Perth." And I truly believed that Perth street took us to Merickville. An hour later we arrived in Perth and I felt pretty stupid for mixing up the directions. Of course, Perth street should have been a dead give away that we were on our way to Perth. What a blonde moment.

Anyway, Perth was a blast. They had this awesome bakery and Will bought a pie -- Pie always makes him happy. Plus we found a great art shop and spent time basking in the sun by the water. We also bought some organic doggie treats for Huanne -- made by hand. She loooooves them!

August 12, 2008

Page semi-finals

Just made it to the next stage of the Page screenwriting awards -- The Semi-Finals. Here's the link where you can see my name:


July 14, 2008

More Contest News

Just found out that both my feature script and one of my short scripts made the 1st round of the PAGE screenwriting awards. I am really surprised, but very very glad!

And this blog is really the only place that I can brag so: Brag, brag, brag.

In other news, our weekend was very very depressing. We have been considering selling our home, and downsizing to something way cheaper, so that I can focus on my writing, but the places we viewed were downright depressing. And each time we come home to our nice house and private backyard we like it more and more. So, I doubt we'll move. It's so hard to find that balance between giving your dream your all and trying to plan for the future esp. when you have no idea what's in store for that future. **SIGH**

And with that said, I'm off to start something new, my first Rom Com. :)

July 11, 2008


My dad called me last night to say he googled me and all of my writing contest wins came up. He got a big kick out of it. So of course, I tried to hide my enthusiasm, but I was on the portable phone, so as we continued to talk I walked over to the computer and typed in my name. I couldn't resist. It was pretty cool.

July 2, 2008

Firecrackers, dogs and other stuff

Last night, the neighbourhood fireworks were at their craziest causing our dog (you may recall she has a real phobia) to go even crazier. She was panting, pacing and hiding in the basement.

I forced her into the backyard so she could face her fear. The vet had told us she needed exposure therapy, but she squealed so loud, it sounded like she was being slaughtered, so we had to bring her in. We then took her for a walk and actually showed her the fireworks. This did nothing to minimize the fear.

She's really no different than a person taking a panic attack. Your convinced your not safe and your going to die and no amount of reasoning will make you think otherwise. I hate to see my baby suffer so.

In brighter news, I found out this a.m. that I'm a quarter finalist in the Bluecat screenwriting competition. I was really surprised on this one and thrilled! Keep em coming!

July 1, 2008

Good news

I woke up this morning to find out that I made it to the next round in the American Gem short script competition. The qualifying round which was announced last month I made it to the top 250 scripts. Now I've made it to the quarter finalists which is the top 100 scripts. Next round will be announced in a month or so. Anyway, it was nice to wake up to good news like that. Now if I can just get writing again.

June 28, 2008

Where did the title come from?

A few readers have asked me where my blog title comes from. In order to explain, I'll have to take you back to elementary school. Grade 4 to be exact. My best friend and I wrote a class newspaper. We charged 25 cents an issue, but of course due to some dumb school rule we were not allowed to keep the money. It's a shame really, because the money should have gone to our parents. My friend's mom typed all of our hand written articles and my mom had them photocopied. Aren't mom's incredibly supportive.

Anyway, the money had to go to something school related so we told the school librarian we would donate a book with the money we made. We were animal activists so we planned to buy a book about animals for the library. At the end of the year, the librarian told us there had been a change in plans. She would pick the book. And guess what it was called? Don't put the mustard in our custard and it wasn't about animals. A photo was taken of us, with the librarian and the book. We are standing there with scowls on our faces -We worked really really hard and didn't even get to pick the book- she certainly put the mustard in our custard that day. :)

Anyway, I've carried that saying with me throughout life. When anyone rains on my parade, I say they put the mustard in my custard.

June 17, 2008

The weed wasn't weed

So, Will was weeding our backyard and found what looked like weed plants...five one night and another four the next. He was worried that if someone saw it and reported us we'd be charged for growing weed. You read about that stuff in the paper all the time.

He called the police and reported it. They came and inspected the "weed" plant and guess what??? It wasn't weed. Only a plant that highly resembled it.

So of course he was embarassed that he had called and we got a chuckle out of it when the officer said, "This isn't weed, it's just a weed."

Hardy ha ha.

June 8, 2008

Bitten by the baby bug

A friend of mine that just moved to the other side of the country also just gave birth to her first adorable baby girl. I went to the mall yesterday to pick up a little something for her and what was meant to be a ten minute trip to the baby clothes section turned into an hour.

There were so many choices...everything was just so cute. And I came home bitten by the baby bug. This happens every so often, when I see a really cute kid or one of my friends announces she is preggie or I find myself in the children's clothes section. Are we programmed so that when others have babies or we are around baby stuff our biological drive kicks in?

The worst part is that when I showed Will the cute outfit I bought my friend's baby...he too was bitten by the baby bug.

Not good! Not good at all. I have scripts to write and things to do. I think I should go to a movie today. Yeah, that's what I'll do.

June 4, 2008

I'm baaaack

Holy crap! I new it had been a looong time since my last update but I had no idea it had been a little over a month! Things have been YUCKY lately. My life has been in a scramble but I'm slowly but surely getting things on track.

School is done! And yesterday I found out my short script has placed in the first round of the American Gem short script competition. At least I know I have some talent or I wouldn't be placing in these things. Either that or half the entries were submitted by a bunch of monkeys in illegible hand scribbles. Who really knows?

Will has been mini golf obsessed this month (the real game, not the Wii one). And he's really out to win. He's also been practicing his wii bowling which sucks. It's the only game on the wii I can beat him at or should I say used to beat him at. He's always beaten me at golf, boxing, tennis and now bowling. BAWL. Now, being the spoilt sport that I am, I just don't want to play anymore. I mean if you can't win....maybe I should find someone who sucks more than me to play with?? Anyone want to volunteer???

Poor huanne. This month has been one of confusion for her. She's developed a phobia to firecrackers and the family down the street keeps setting them off. Hu anne goes crazy and hides under the bed. Her heart beats rapidly, like shes having a panic attack and no amount of hugs, kisses and soothing talk makes her feel any better. Ah, I love my huanne. I'll post some updated pics soon.

April 29, 2008


This week was full of networking...

It started with a nomination I received for a screenplay award which was presented at a new club downtown. I got to hear the announcer read my name and talk about my script while I turned crimson. Didn't win but the nomination in itself was nice.

I spent the evening talking to people in the "Biz." A local director showed interest in one of my short scripts, so I've put a third draft together and plan to send it off to her tonight.

I was then invited to another "Biz" party. I'm an introvert and wasn't sure what the point of even going was. I'd probably sit in the corner like a wallflower all night....but once again I surprised myself by talking to a local producer about my script. We talked for an hour which I think was a pretty good sign.

But I am just not a party gal. I'm most at home hiking with my dog, staying home and watching a movie or TV...pretty boring stuff.

Today I entered two competitions - Nicholl and Austin.

School is OVER! And I am left with mixed emotions. I was so friggin exhausted but the thought of going back to work is not so good. I have three weeks off and I plan to do some heavy R and R after the following boring stuff:

my taxes
cleaning - my bedroom is piled high with clothes - I haven't cleaned in almost 6 weeks.
And as if I haven't had enough, I signed up for a one week script marketing course so that I can start marketing this sucker that has consumed my life.

April 13, 2008

I feel good

So last night I checked my email when I got home and was delighted to read that a Spec TV script I wrote made the semi-finals of a Spec TV writing competition! YAY me!!!

I was totally not expecting this and really needed the moral boost as the last 2 weeks of my life have been hell.

They announce the finalists this week, so please cross your fingers for me. But honestly, even making it this far makes me feel good.

On another note, my beautiful dog was such a sweetie today. It was really windy and the front door blew open. This is very very bad when it comes to my doggie. She's a husky - very well trained inside but when it comes to outside she is as free as a wolf, A.K.A. if she gets loose outside we may never get her back.

Anyway, as I raced toward her, she looked at me, then walked out the door. I started calling her, my heart was racing, I pictured us searching for her night and day, putting up lost dog posters, the whole nine-yards, but a miraculous thing happened....she immediately ran back to me. She's getting soft in her old age but I like it.

I feel good today.

April 1, 2008

April fools

So, today, I was home and all ready to go out for some boring errands. I got my boots, hat, scarf, mits and coat on - it's still freezing here, and then reached into my purse and guess what?

No keys.

I called Will at work and asked him if he had my set with him. He of course feigned innocence and suggested I check all of the mystery compartments in my purse. He's always complaining about how big my purse is and how there's a whole house worth of stuff in it, yada, yada. So, thinking he might be right, I dumped the whole thing on the kitchen table, rooted through my junk and still no keys.

He reaches into his pockets and then says, awkwardly, "I have both sets."

This after blaming it on my purse. Tsk. Tsk. "So, what do you have to say for yourself?" I ask.

"Umm, April, Fools???" he says. Yeah, right.

March 22, 2008

Snow Beauty

Here's my baby sitting in the snow today. Isn't she pretty?

March 9, 2008

Buried under snow

We had two more snow storms back to back. One Friday night, another last night. So much snow...I think the third largest snow fall in history...according to the newspaper. The scariest part was thunder and lightening...during a snow storm...never seen that before in my life and it was scary, felt like we were under attack when the sky lit up like that.

Today Will got up and shoveled for hours. There's 10 feet of snow piled up on the side of our driveway. If we get more snow there will be no place for it to go. The backyard has snow up to the fence. Our dog can literally walk right over the fence into the neighbor's back yard. YIKES. She's actually scared of the backyard now, just looks so foreign to her.

The fun part was that about 10 people didn't show up at the theatre rehearsal so I got to read two additional parts - what fun!

March 5, 2008

My big strong heroes

Yesterday was just one of those days. Let me explain.....

I worked at my internship in the morning and when I went walked back to my car, guess what I found under the wiper, mocking me? A parking ticket. So instead of working for free yesterday, it cost me $40. Sucky.

Then I get in my car, start it, put my foot on the accelerator and guess what? It won't budge, I'm stuck on ice. A big guy that looks like a body builder knocks on my window, so I roll it down. He says, "You've got two big, strong guys here, ready to PUSH you out." I was like, "cool," and within seconds I was back on the road on my way to class. I have to admit it was kind of funny...I've never heard someone refer to themselves as big and strong. But they saved me so I will not complain.

At the end of the day, I opened the fridge to grab something and knocked over a bottle of medication. It cracked open on the floor and leaked out. Replacement fee: $26.

So today actually cost me $66. It's really expensive not to work. As I said, just one of those days. Here's hoping today will be better. But since the snow plow just went by and plowed me in...I'll keep you posted.

February 15, 2008

My V-day

So, I spent yesterday polishing a few scenes in Act 2 of my screenplay. My protaganist is Southern, and I like to read my dialogue out loud but I don't do accents very well. My southern drawl was so overdone that my dog came prancing in with one of those looks that says, "What the hell are you doing?" I think she thinks I was howling instead of talking or something. But she couldn't even understand the howl. So she proceeded to scold me. Can you imagine?

Will and I had plans to go out for the evening but I've been sick the last few days so sadly we cancelled our reservations. But he picked up some great take -out - all my favs and brought me some beautiful flowers!!! He's sweet like that and then we decided to watch an older movie, but a fav, office space and basically laughed our asses off for two hours.

It ended just in time for lost. If it hadn't we would have stopped it as we can't live without our lost fix. The episode was a dissapointment AGAIN - all the episodes have been this season. But like most other addictions, we know it's bad but we can't seem to stop watching.

The writer's strike is over...YAY..this means I can dust off the spec script I wrote last term and send of my query letter.

That was my V- day.

Today Will and I are both off. We slept in. Beautiful. Had a lazy breakfast. How beautiful. And now are both hard at work. We don't really know how to take a break, at least not for any extended period of time but we like it like that.

February 7, 2008

Burning up

I woke up super early to find out the house was over 30 degrees - I'm talking celsuis here. I was under a sheet, and thick duvet, so as you can imagine I felt like I was in an oven. Turns out the batteries were lo on the thermostat, causing the furnace to continue to go up and up and up.

I changed the batteries, but an hour later it was still at 30 degrees. So I called the oncall emergency pager guy, and was told it would probably go down a degree every 90 minutes or so. GEEZ! Slow furnace! So now, it's 1 pm, I'm leaving the house and it is at 26 degrees.

I hope huanne can survive it in her double layer of fur. Poor baby.

The worst part is how dumb I must have sounded explaining what I saw on my thermostat to the on-call guy. I mean I'm smart but I don't have a technical bone in my body. My explanations were like, 'ummm beside the little picture of fire there's this other thingy...and beside the red button, there's a circle - should that be there?' the poor guy was very patient and nice, but I'm sure he was thinking, 'what an idiot.'

The good news, was that the heat woke me up extra early...well early for a night owl like me...and I actually wrote the outline for a short script that I will be filming myself next week. Of course, I was so delusional that once the heat comes down I may find it to be crap.

February 5, 2008

a cool night

Last night there was a reading of my play and well I am in awe of my actors. They really brought the story to life and I was really happy. The words sounded even better when they left the page.

The best part of my night was when someone approached me and told me that there were these three lines that really spoke to them... it was a realization they had come to about their own life and hearing it said on stage, knowing that someone else had thought the same thing as they had, gave them a sense of validation. My heart soared at the comment. That is after all why I write. If I can touch even one person with my words I feel I have suceeded.

What a night! What a motivator!

January 29, 2008

my turn

So, I've taken off the horns of jealousy because today I had news that will actually make Will green with envy. I can't wait to see his face when he gets off the plane and I announce....

Today I was asked to work on a project as part of my internship that our fav comedic actor will guest star on. When I found I was just like, "oh, yeah?" to the producer but really I was pee my pants excited! And I may be there for the shooting!

Yeah, I'm happy!

Also, my new office rocks. The whole place is bright and artsy. Everyone is down to earth. We don't have to wear suits like in my old job. See up until now I've been working from home because I had NO IDEA how FABULOUS this place is. From now on I'll be the office girl.

January 28, 2008

green with jealousy

Will just called me from New York. He was on the David Letterman show today. He's front row center so look for him when you watch tonight.

Jessica Alba was the star. I think he has a bit of a crush now due to the whole view from the front row.

He's in New York. I am jealous.

He's on Letterman. I am so jealous.

A job that lets you have the afternoon off to go be on a talk show - I am so so jealous.

Need I go on?


January 24, 2008

Hard Cold Reality

Well, I can officially say that I work in the TV biz. Well, I'm interning but no diff....

This is my second week. I'm working at a production company and loving it. I thought they'd have me fetching coffee or some other bottom of the barrel type thing but nope, they've already go me doing some writing for them.

Today I had to read a script the company received for consideration and then give them my opinion as to a) whether it was any good and b) how well I think it would do with today's viewers. Basically coverage, but more in depth. They had no time at all to read it themselves so if I gave it a big fat X, they'd simply throw it in the trash.

I suddenly pictured myself come April, mailing out one of my scripts -- you know, one that I have slaved over, to a production company, hopeful that I might get a positive response. But instead of anyone who is anyone reading it...yup, you guessed it, they pass it to the intern to read -- to make or break my life. And of course this is bad because:

1) the intern may have no clue what he or she is doing
2) I might be competition for said intern and he/she might put a red X through it faster than I put my stamp on the envelope
3) the intern might not give a shit about anything more than putting their hours in -- a shitty review is easier than a favourable one
4) the intern might have really crappy taste

BOTTOM LINE : As sad as it is, this nightmare scenario is very realistic. I like to picture the writing world in a very different light. Me --the introvert - sitting in my lovely loft writing up a storm and pressing send, not worrying about sales or anything else outside the world I've put down on paper, but it doesn't work that way. It's a BUSINESS. That means you schmooze or you lose, you kiss ass, you bug everyone you can. And your script better be so god damn good that it will knock the socks off of anybody -- even an intern who falls under problems 1 through 4 above.

So, I was a very very GOOD intern today. I treated the script with the same respect I hope mine will get. I wrote up a great synopsis of the show and a very thorough and honest critique...even did research on today's marketplace.

I'd like to say I did it so the universe would treat me in kind but I didn't. I did it because I believe that every script and every person deserves respect. Okay, this post is starting to sound like an after school special. I'm done now.

January 20, 2008

Nasty phone call

Well, picture me on Friday, home not feeling well at all and getting the following phone call:

Me: Hello
Sales Lady : Hi. Can I speak to your mom or dad?
Me: excuse me?
Sales Lady: I need to speak to your mom or dad.
Me: (in a really sour tone) I happen to be the woman of this house, thank you very much.
Sales Lady: Oh ummm, well you sound like a teenager.
Me: Really? Well, I'm not.
Sales Lady: So, anyway, we're selling some....
Me: No thanks.
Sales Lady: But really, this will give you a chance to help...
Me: I said, No.
Sales Lady: But...


Man, after the insult she should have just given up.

January 17, 2008

Mojo is back

So, I just got my internship and I have to BRAG that I got the coolest one in the city. I'm gonna get to work on some scripts that are currently being pitched for funding and I'm gonna get to do most of my work from home.

First things I love most about scriptwriting is:

The writing itself - Duh!

But the second part is that other than a few face to face idea swapping meetings, you can work from home in your pj's. I Loooove working from home in my pj's for all the obvious reasons.

Oh, and my great news is that my mojo is back. I saw the casting call for my short script listed online and was like OMG - that's my script!!! and suddenly my mojo came running after me. I love it when that happens. Now I can just sit back and let it do all the work.

January 10, 2008

Mojo - where the hell are ya?

Well, everything has gone askew for me in the last week. Usually my type A personality doesn't let me down but so far this week:

- I've been late for every class
- My furnace broke and we had to sleep with no heat in the middle of friggin winter
- Today furnace guy showed up late so I missed class
- Was supposed to enter my scripts in a competition but didn't cause I was lazy (still have like 5 days till the deadline though)
- Haven't walked doggy for a few days so she's in a sulk - poor thing - excuse on this one - I'm lazy

So, I don't think I've ever been lazy. I attribute this lack of mojo to the fact I misplaced my cell phone on Sunday and I've felt very lost without it.

The cool thing though is that a few minutes ago I heard the beep my cell phone makes when it is out of juice...followed the beep to a stack of papers and voila - my cell was under them.

So now that my cell is back -- I hope my mojo is attached.

January 3, 2008

Let down

I had been looking forward to seeing Juno all holiday. Yesterday, we finally saw it. Of course it was only showing in the smallest theatre...

Anyways, it let me down.

What I liked:

the witty dialogue

Ellen page. I mean, she is from my home town.

What I didn't like:

the fact the majority of the characters especially the teenagers were completely unemotional and well I have yet to meet an unemotional teenager.

the subplots were lacking.

where was the dimension?

Will loved it. As long as something makes him laugh he gives it a thumbs up.

Anyways, I'm not saying I hated it. I had the whole thing worked up in my mind as the movie of the year or something and I guess with expectations that high I should have seen it coming. Note to self: New Years resolution - lower expectations.

January 2, 2008

X - mas tidbits

Sorry for my absence from the blogging world...I have been in rural Nova Scotia, snowed in and loving every moment of it.

The first half of our vacation was spent at my grammies house where for the first time in five years we were all together. God we laughed and laughed and laughed.

The second half of our vacay we spent at my in laws and let me say I LOOOOOVE my in laws! They always make me feel like a real daughter and I always have a fab time with them. I got to see my three year old niece....three going on six, I swear!

Sometimes when I go home, I wonder if I made the wrong choice, moving to the capital city. I am a city girl but life in the valley is just so wonderful. I mean almost everyone makes a living with their own business, usually environmentally friendly and well, I think Will and I could do an awesome job at that. It would mean more time together and more time with family. Also, we looked at real estate - we could buy a place comparable to ours for half the price and food is 2/3'rds of the price. **SIGH** But where would I be without traffic, cineplex theatres, Thai restaurants, facials, manicures, yoga, etc.??

Ten tidbits from our holidays:

1. My three year old niece stays up later than hubby and I do. No joke. She is competition for the energizer bunny!
2. My three year old niece only eats salad, fruit plates, cheese and bread and just the odd bite of meat. You go girl!
3. My three year old niece can bake bread from scratch all on her own. I attribute this to the food she's eating....see number 2.
4. Apparently there are five levels to Alzheimer's and as long as you don't go past four you are'd have to be at our Christmas Eve blast to appreciate this one!
5. My dad just got back from working in Indonesia and got everyone an Indonesian Christmas present this year. And we all had to model....wish I could upload the pics. Indonesians are pretty small but this was the first year my dad found a store that carried size XXL for my uncle and was told it would have a slimming effect. Well, as he modeled it around the living room - the pounds - they just came off!
6. A friend of ours is running a completely organic farm. Totally awesome guy.
7. Will put together his first CD. He will start selling it online soon. It totally rocks and I am not biased at all. I've listened to nothing else in the rental car.
8. I've actually got a list of resolutions which I will post later.
9. I arrived home to an angry dog who chewed us out for being away even though her Grandma spoiled her rotten.
10. We gave our dog a finger puppet and a new cozy bed and we found instant redemption. Wish everything in life was that easy.