September 26, 2008

No longer a hermit

Well, I haven't updated in a while cause I've been tired and the reason is...

I am back at work. It hasn't been easy after being off for a year. And going back was a really hard decision. I told myself I wouldn't set foot in a cubicle again, but it was just too risky at this point. After all, outside of the world of fiction, we do need to pay the bills.

But I do feel grateful to have a good job. And they agreed to part time (3 days a week), so that I can have my Monday's and Friday's to work on my writing. Today I got up and went to a coffee shop and wrote all morning. Now I'm back home typing it all up...okay I'm procrastinating a wee bit with this blog, but only a wee bit.

The hardest things about being back at work are:

1. Getting up early. I think I forgot how to do that.
2. Functioning all day after getting up so early. I am a caffeine free person -- its just never agreed with me, but man it's hard to avoid coffee, tea and chocolate when you are trying to not fall asleep at your desk.
3. Office politics. No explanation required.

The upside:

1. Millions of screenplay ideas after only 3 days back. This far outweighs the 3 cons above.
2. No longer leading a hermit type existence. Is this a pro or a con? You decide.

I actually feel really positive. I've received great feedback on my writing and now plan to write like mad for a year. Next year I pound the pavement. :)

September 1, 2008

Mini-golf, ec-homes and pie

What I did this weekend....

My dad flew up for a visit. Yesterday, even though it was a beautiful sunny day we decided to go play indoor mini-golf. I'd never gone before. It's very very dark and it's much harder than regular mini-golf because you can't see the gradations of the green. Even a hill appears flat in the dark.

Dad and Will both played well. I on the other hand played a very bad game. I pretty much whined the whole time and stopped trying near the end. Watching the three of us together is hilarious because we are all so competitive.

In the afternoon went to look at an eco-home that is being built near us. It's completely solar powered. In fact, you generate more eclectric than you use and can sell it back to the city. Isn't that cool? It would be great not to have an energy bill and even greater for the environment.

The previous day we took dad to Perth and this time I didn't mix up the directions. oh yeah, and Will got another pie. Gotta have pie.

I'm a finalist!

The Page finalists were just announced and I made it!!!!