October 1, 2008

Boo Rah

Well, as you know, I was a semi-finalist in Page = Top 10. They announced the winner and second and third prize today and if I had been one of them, the title of this blog would have been woohoo or yay or something more creative and inspired, but all I could think of to describe my current state was ," Boo Rah."

I know I should be pleased I made it to the top 10, and as my husband says, that is an accomplishment in itself, but I can't help being bummed. As I sat at work today I fantasized about winning and what I'd do with the prize money...then came home and checked the results...boo hoo...anyway, this finalist thing may still help me sell the script.

And I was motivated to write. I just finished a one-pager for a kids show I'm gonna pitch to two children's networks. And I still have time to write a few scenes of my play before bed. Perseverance won the race, right?

The market recovered today... so there was some good news.