April 29, 2008


This week was full of networking...

It started with a nomination I received for a screenplay award which was presented at a new club downtown. I got to hear the announcer read my name and talk about my script while I turned crimson. Didn't win but the nomination in itself was nice.

I spent the evening talking to people in the "Biz." A local director showed interest in one of my short scripts, so I've put a third draft together and plan to send it off to her tonight.

I was then invited to another "Biz" party. I'm an introvert and wasn't sure what the point of even going was. I'd probably sit in the corner like a wallflower all night....but once again I surprised myself by talking to a local producer about my script. We talked for an hour which I think was a pretty good sign.

But I am just not a party gal. I'm most at home hiking with my dog, staying home and watching a movie or TV...pretty boring stuff.

Today I entered two competitions - Nicholl and Austin.

School is OVER! And I am left with mixed emotions. I was so friggin exhausted but the thought of going back to work is not so good. I have three weeks off and I plan to do some heavy R and R after the following boring stuff:

my taxes
cleaning - my bedroom is piled high with clothes - I haven't cleaned in almost 6 weeks.
And as if I haven't had enough, I signed up for a one week script marketing course so that I can start marketing this sucker that has consumed my life.

April 13, 2008

I feel good

So last night I checked my email when I got home and was delighted to read that a Spec TV script I wrote made the semi-finals of a Spec TV writing competition! YAY me!!!

I was totally not expecting this and really needed the moral boost as the last 2 weeks of my life have been hell.

They announce the finalists this week, so please cross your fingers for me. But honestly, even making it this far makes me feel good.

On another note, my beautiful dog was such a sweetie today. It was really windy and the front door blew open. This is very very bad when it comes to my doggie. She's a husky - very well trained inside but when it comes to outside she is as free as a wolf, A.K.A. if she gets loose outside we may never get her back.

Anyway, as I raced toward her, she looked at me, then walked out the door. I started calling her, my heart was racing, I pictured us searching for her night and day, putting up lost dog posters, the whole nine-yards, but a miraculous thing happened....she immediately ran back to me. She's getting soft in her old age but I like it.

I feel good today.

April 1, 2008

April fools

So, today, I was home and all ready to go out for some boring errands. I got my boots, hat, scarf, mits and coat on - it's still freezing here, and then reached into my purse and guess what?

No keys.

I called Will at work and asked him if he had my set with him. He of course feigned innocence and suggested I check all of the mystery compartments in my purse. He's always complaining about how big my purse is and how there's a whole house worth of stuff in it, yada, yada. So, thinking he might be right, I dumped the whole thing on the kitchen table, rooted through my junk and still no keys.

He reaches into his pockets and then says, awkwardly, "I have both sets."

This after blaming it on my purse. Tsk. Tsk. "So, what do you have to say for yourself?" I ask.

"Umm, April, Fools???" he says. Yeah, right.