February 6, 2009

A mix of stuff - just like the weather

I heard back from the producer who read my script and she said that she loved it and would get back to me soon, so now the waiting game begins.

I also sent my resume and writing sample to the producer of a local TV show that is looking for new writers. Again, I just wait and see.

In the meantime, I have started a desperate housewives spec to add to my portfolio.

I came down with a crappy cold at the start of the week. Everyone at work was sick...I had a mild sore throat last week that passed and I was like, Yay, I didn't get it and then a few days later I wake up sick. SUCKY!

Every year at this time, Will and I start complaining about the cold, the snow, cold season and all the other crap that winter throws our way. We start talking about moving somewhere warm like California. We've also looked at Vancouver...although it rains there an awful lot. This year I seem more serious than ever, but I also love my job so who knows...