August 31, 2008

My blonde moment

So, I had gone to both Merickville and Perth with my mom when she was on vacation a few weeks ago. They are both about 100 miles from home and make perfect day trips. I memorized the directions.

I thought Will would love Merickville as the town is full of artists and paintings which he adores so we decided to take a trip there yesterday.

He drove. I navigated from memory --no map. Part way there we turned onto Perth street as per my perfect memory and I said,"Isn't it weird that Perth street goes to Merickville and not Perth." And I truly believed that Perth street took us to Merickville. An hour later we arrived in Perth and I felt pretty stupid for mixing up the directions. Of course, Perth street should have been a dead give away that we were on our way to Perth. What a blonde moment.

Anyway, Perth was a blast. They had this awesome bakery and Will bought a pie -- Pie always makes him happy. Plus we found a great art shop and spent time basking in the sun by the water. We also bought some organic doggie treats for Huanne -- made by hand. She loooooves them!

August 12, 2008

Page semi-finals

Just made it to the next stage of the Page screenwriting awards -- The Semi-Finals. Here's the link where you can see my name: