February 15, 2008

My V-day

So, I spent yesterday polishing a few scenes in Act 2 of my screenplay. My protaganist is Southern, and I like to read my dialogue out loud but I don't do accents very well. My southern drawl was so overdone that my dog came prancing in with one of those looks that says, "What the hell are you doing?" I think she thinks I was howling instead of talking or something. But she couldn't even understand the howl. So she proceeded to scold me. Can you imagine?

Will and I had plans to go out for the evening but I've been sick the last few days so sadly we cancelled our reservations. But he picked up some great take -out - all my favs and brought me some beautiful flowers!!! He's sweet like that and then we decided to watch an older movie, but a fav, office space and basically laughed our asses off for two hours.

It ended just in time for lost. If it hadn't we would have stopped it as we can't live without our lost fix. The episode was a dissapointment AGAIN - all the episodes have been this season. But like most other addictions, we know it's bad but we can't seem to stop watching.

The writer's strike is over...YAY..this means I can dust off the spec script I wrote last term and send of my query letter.

That was my V- day.

Today Will and I are both off. We slept in. Beautiful. Had a lazy breakfast. How beautiful. And now are both hard at work. We don't really know how to take a break, at least not for any extended period of time but we like it like that.

February 7, 2008

Burning up

I woke up super early to find out the house was over 30 degrees - I'm talking celsuis here. I was under a sheet, and thick duvet, so as you can imagine I felt like I was in an oven. Turns out the batteries were lo on the thermostat, causing the furnace to continue to go up and up and up.

I changed the batteries, but an hour later it was still at 30 degrees. So I called the oncall emergency pager guy, and was told it would probably go down a degree every 90 minutes or so. GEEZ! Slow furnace! So now, it's 1 pm, I'm leaving the house and it is at 26 degrees.

I hope huanne can survive it in her double layer of fur. Poor baby.

The worst part is how dumb I must have sounded explaining what I saw on my thermostat to the on-call guy. I mean I'm smart but I don't have a technical bone in my body. My explanations were like, 'ummm beside the little picture of fire there's this other thingy...and beside the red button, there's a circle - should that be there?' the poor guy was very patient and nice, but I'm sure he was thinking, 'what an idiot.'

The good news, was that the heat woke me up extra early...well early for a night owl like me...and I actually wrote the outline for a short script that I will be filming myself next week. Of course, I was so delusional that once the heat comes down I may find it to be crap.

February 5, 2008

a cool night

Last night there was a reading of my play and well I am in awe of my actors. They really brought the story to life and I was really happy. The words sounded even better when they left the page.

The best part of my night was when someone approached me and told me that there were these three lines that really spoke to them... it was a realization they had come to about their own life and hearing it said on stage, knowing that someone else had thought the same thing as they had, gave them a sense of validation. My heart soared at the comment. That is after all why I write. If I can touch even one person with my words I feel I have suceeded.

What a night! What a motivator!